WE Invest in Unconventional Talent!

We are always on the lookout for bright minds to grow our team. We aim to maximise diversity from an organisational cultural perspective, as a firm of endearment, in which each employee, entrepreneur, partner and stakeholder is incentivised and engaged in their personal right to build their own business interests with or within the organisation, while being incentivised to maximise such person’s investment in their direct and indirect communities.  

Team spirit and trust is vitally important to the way we operate as an investment company but also as a thought leader in transformation, and as a result we will ensure that this will require that we engage in difficult discussions to ensure that we maximise diversity, freedom of choice and the spirit of transformation when required to do so.  Under no circumstances will we operate in bad faith nor will we allow any dishonesty to affect our brand capital.  

We are a social impact investment company and are aligned with our objective of ‘transforming lives through investment’.  From a cultural perspective, social impact takes precedence in everything we do provided that any business case presented is able to sustainably cater for such social impact.   Our communities are the base of our existence and our stakeholders will enable our success.  

We acknowledge that we are only able to operate with integrity by ensuring that our commitments and emotional contracts with stakeholders take precedence above any legal contract.  Furthermore, we will not allow unethical behaviour to affect the value of cultural capital which is being created over time.  

If this resonates with you, please submit your CV to [email protected]

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